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"Health,career and  Confidence coach"

I have been a fitness trainer over the last 7 years and my main goal in life is to transform others so that they feel more confident and better about themselves. Over the last 7 years I have been transforming people physically and I realized a few months back that along with physical transformation, mental transformation is even more important because after all physical transformation is only possible when our mind is in a good and peaceful state.


When I used to be in school, I used to get bullied regularly for being underweight by almost everyone. Initially, It was a let down and I felt quite low but I kept myself mentally strong by pushing myself to be change, removing the negativity and focused on the positive. Post school, I worked on my body transformation and was able to put up 20 kg of muscle in the span of 3 years. By the time, I had made up my mind to have a career in fitness post university as I realized the importance of physical transformation and never looked back after that.

When I see the youngsters of today, I can see that they are not sure of what career they would like to excel in. I see fresh graduates running after jobs where they can earn faster rather than doing what they love. This keeps them frustrated and unsatisfied with both job and life in the long run, leading them to jump from one job to another whenever they see the grass is green. Also, due to the current pandemic, many of the mid 30's and 40's workforce have lost their jobs making them feel directionless, depressed and anxious about what the future will look and how they will sustain the family, which is understandable. 


My goal is to help them find their lost passion and design a pathway which would help them build a right career and be happier in life.


You may contact me for a free discovery session on my phone/ whatsapp 0097155-9428283 or my email id

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