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Client Testimonials

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Namita's Mother

It was a pleasure doing fitness with Dhairya for our daughter Namita for nearly one year. During this time, we found him professional & dedicated to his job which enhanced the fitness level of  Namita. This helped to improve her performance in cricket& other sport activities in UAE and India. He has tremendous knowledge & working experience in fitness.


After working with Dhairya i got a sense of direction and goal. having met my goals, Dhairya continuously helps me keep my build.


Dhairya is a great coach to have when you decide to go on your fitness journey. He ensures individual attention and pushes one to do their best. A supremely fit individual who would be the right choice to start your regimen. 

Outdoor Workout


I came to Dhairya with a lot of issues like Surgery, Scoliosis and neck pain. I needed to get my core strong, stamina and energy back. My friend recommended him. I was quite apprehensive about going to the gym and getting trained with all the issues. Dhairya was very knowledgeable about the anatomy and understood the problem as he customized workout and diets quite efficiently. It has been more than 3 years and I have no back or knee problem. In addition, I feel strong internally and energetic. Highly recommend him if you are looking for a great workout no matter which level you are at. He is awesome.


Dhairya is a fun, committed and enthusiastic trainer. His ability to incorporate sports training routines into a regular workout helps break the monotony and makes a great cardio routine. He is capable enough to blend weight, cardio and functional training outdoors as well as indoors which I feel is perfect as it always keeps me on toes not knowing what to expect next.

what has worked out great for me is that Dhairya has been very vigilant of the facts that I had been injured in the past so he works at a  pace till you get comfortable and then builds on it without putting undue pressure on the injured muscle or joint. I am comfortable discussing any issues pertaining to the work and he patiently listens and adapts around my requirements . 


I am a part of the UAE national U19 men team. I have been training with Dhairya for 3-4 years now and have only gotten better in terms of my fitness over the years . he understands what my body needs and is always giving his 100%

Workout in Gym


I found Dhairya's personal training from a known friend. I was ready to begin my fitness journey, specifically interested in one-on-one training with a professional trainer, and its been the best decision ever made for myself. He is encouraging, motivating and very thorough with his explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form to ensure you are safely and effectively achieving your fitness goals. He challenges you and is right by your side guiding you along the way. He has different workouts prepared all the time so it never gets  boring. What I enjoyed most was his ability to push me beyond my comfort level, Challenging me both physically and mentally. He does so in a supportive way- a " You can do it" manner. Above all else, he taught me the "how," "what, and "why" of what we are doing as we move through each exercise. I would highly recommend Dhairya for any person looking for a great workout no matter what your level is.


Dhairya has proved to be a very capable personal trainer. He has been a very positive influence on people training with him and helped his clients of all ages to attain a healthier lifestyle.  I got associated with him in 2 stages. 1st when I was having lower back problem due to weakened core muscles. He worked with me on that in 2013 and we had an association for almost more than a year, his careful and methodical training programs and personal care helped me to fully recover from it giving me no lower back pain anymore.

2nd time I got associated with him was in 2017 with a swelled and weakened left wrist suffering from arthritis due to condition called SLE, although the swelling was coming down due to medication but the credit for bringing the strength back without causing the damage to my wrist goes to Dhairya. The condition of my left wrist was so bad that I wasn't even able to lift a glass of water when I started training with him and within 1 and half year the same wrist was able to lift 15 pound dumbbell, do push up and pull up along other normal exercises . He has a great attitude and is highly professional to his job, he knows his job thoroughly and one can trust him blindly. Whatever be your physical condition, he will be able to improve and make you fit and in shape. I really thank him for helping me improve my health. 


Dhairya was recommended to me by my friend who was training with him for a couple of years. Initially I was reluctant but later my friend convinced me to enroll with Dhairya for a few months to see  the progress and decide. I had mainly 3 objectives- Build a muscular body, lose weight and fat and build abs. what started as a reluctant initial couple of months turned into more than 3 years of gym training. He is quite reciprocative to client needs and indeed very good value for money. He monitors regular process and alters diet accordingly. His goal setting and regular monitoring indeed helps keep up the motivation to continue with the training with an aim to reach my objectives. He paces his training and tailors the diet according to a client needs but without losing sight of the objectives. I would say his tailored professional approach is really a plus in case you are looking to begin training to keep yourself fit.

Gym Equipments


I have been training with Dhairya for over one and half years now, what I really like about Dhairya's training session is:
1. He tries and ensures that no 2 sessions are same
2. He patiently listens to you and answers all queries
3. He helps you to build a diet plan which is practical and easy to adopt in our daily routine.
4. He focuses on building strength  and stamina which are key levers to building natural muscle.

I would definitely recommend Dhairya if you are looking for a result driven personal trainer.


Started the year badly with injuries in both knees, was down and out for a couple of months, which led to lots of weight gain. Had gone into a sort of depression and was very low on confidence and self esteem. Until I discovered Dhairya and my life started to change.

Him being an experienced trainer, he clearly understood my goals and devised an hybrid fitness plan for my weight loss and injury rehab. Him being accredited life and health coach was also a bonus, as i was also able to improve my mental health.

He was very attentive and active towards my goals, also flexible towards the nutrition which made the journey a lot more fun, 3 months down the line not only my injury is gone, I was able to pack some nice muscles gain with fat loss

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