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Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Naren lost 6kgs of weight (73 kg to 67 kg) and  around 5% of body fat in a span of 6 months. In spite of many limitations, Naren's determination has helped him get closer to his goals.

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In a span of 18 months Asif lost 7% of his body fat and gained 10 kgs of muscle to achieve his goal. His dedication to working out and eating the right food at the right time has helped him achieve his goals. 

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Kamna has lost 4% of body weight and gained 3kgs of muscle (52kgs to 53.5kgs) in 9 months. She is a Zumba instructor and working out with Dhairya has helped her stay strong, get fitter and avoid injuries.

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Aryan has lost 8kgs( 91kgs to 83kgs) with around 5% body fat in span of 4 months. Due to his recent leg injury he wasn't able to workout to his full potential but Dhairya made sure the diet is up to mark which would help him achieve his goals.

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Srini has lost 18kgs of weight (100kgs to 82kgs) and 8% body fat in a span of 2 months. His consistency in workout and diet has helped him achieve his goals. 

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 Sagar started training with me in May 2020. He had some issues with the knee due to a mild meniscus tear which he wanted to sort out as well as Losing weight and gaining strength and stamina.

Started off with 92kgs, 6 months down the line he is now at 82kgs and feeling much lighter, fitter and stronger👌💪. He lost fat as well as gained muscle .His knee is much better and doesn't feel the pain he used to feel earlier. This is just the start of his transformation journey.

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